HintLabs KolorFitz™
Shape is what you see.
Color is how you see it.

HintLabs KolorFitz™

It took us almost 10 years to elaborate an objective color fit methodology applicable to both products and environments. This methodology is a combination of (VoB) Voice of Business, (VoM) Voice of Market, (VoC) Voice of Customer all elaborated through the proprietary KolorFitz™ methotology.

KolorFitz™  allows a a final solution which minimises error risk connected to erroneus and/or biased weighting of the data collected.

Where color product needs to be printed on paper (samples, catalogues etc) KolorFitz™ Print allows for the highest fidelity of color reproduction mimising the impact of metamerism, allowing 97% fidelity on the most problematic colors.

With our client we go through four main steps:

  1. Information gathering (VoB + VoM + VoC)
  2. Information weighting
  3. Palette combinations and selection
  4. Final prototyping and report

All data is processed, filtered and weighted through the four pillars of KolorFitz™: Context, Phisical Environment, Product and Observer.

kolorfitz schema

Services provided

1. Packaging/ product color palette creation (KolorFitz™)

2. Colour, material, finishing digital pre-visualization Color measurement and cross media color matching
    (product > screen > paper)

3. Surface/ product color matching on paper support through KolorFitz™ print process
    (97% fidelity index on most problematic metameric colors