HOMO FABER in Venice was an amazing and inspiring showcase of craftsmanship and a must see for all those operating in the design and luxury segment. See you in 2020.

San Giorgio -Venezia

Restoring Art’s Masters – Restoring UP7 by Gaetano Pesce

Discovery and Rediscovery – Maison Lesage (France)

Perfume creators – Aquaflor Firenze (Italy)

Cutlery making – Lorenzi (Italy)

Cutlery making – Lorenzi (Italy)

Fashion Inside and Out

Fashion Inside and Out

Best in Europe – Grands Nids (by Frédérique Petit)

Best in Europe – Seaform 2014-99 (by Michael Behrens)

Best in Europe – The Bubbles (by Sidsel Hanum)

Best in Europe – Sapphire Ship (by Yaroslav Prošek)

Best in Europe – Ceramic Sculpture (by Zsolt József Simon)

Best in Europe – Glass Bowls (by Cara Murphy)

Best in Europe – Kodama III (by Catarina Nunes)

Best in Europe – Deep Blue (by Antonino Spoto)

Workshop Exclusives – Custom motorbikes (by David Borras El Solitario)

Natural Talent (Antonio Licitra)

Creativity and Craftsmanship – Roman Räss (cabinet maker) / Alfredo Häberli (designer)

Fondation Bettencourt Schueller – Necklace (by Cathy Chotard)

Fondation Bettencourt Schueller – Nature morte (by Kristin McKirdy)