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Ethics plus Aesthtetics is the beauty
of sustainability joining creativity.

At HintLabs we are truly convinced that a sustainable design is most of all a beautiful design including a social or environmental purpose, a cause and maintaining a balance with the brand heritage is challenging.

Over twenty years of experience convinced us to never compromise one of the two factors in favour of the other. We work until complete overlap between ethics and aesthetics is achieved.

We work closely with our strategic partners which provide the highest standard of technical feedback to obtain a holistic solution which has no equivalent in the industry.

We have elaborated the 3T model where sustainability is defined by the three T’s, in a nutshell:
TRANSPARENT: All operations aimed to improve sustainability need to be perfectly visible and transparent (no matter at which stage).
TANGIBLE: Results achieved needs to be measurable and quantifiable (no matter at which stage).
TRANSFERABLE: The message conveyed to the public needs to be simple and understable and possibly invite the audience to take action.

Services provided

1. Sustainable design concepts on product and packaging

2. Luxury visual merchandising and advertising tactics

3. Coaching, training, workshops for actionable human-centered storytelling