We are explorers which turn needs into never seen sustainable products.


We help our clients to anticipate trends which lead to experiences that people love and our planet welcomes.


Like it or not, new ideas don’t arise going by the book.

We are conscious that the main insights come from our client’s experience in the industry.  We use this starting point to apply our pragmatic, no frills approach, to identify the best innovative, desirable and sustainable design solution.


The outcome of our work is a real world sustainable design solution we co-create, co-prototype and co-assess with our client. We are there from day zero to the end of the project, with all the grit and resilience needed to help transform a need into a solution of which impact can be tracked and measured.

We support our clients throughout the sustainable product design and branding process using the expertise of accomplished professionals in the industry

Sustainable Product Concept Development

  • Real world observation, trend analysis, customer needs analysis
  • Sustainable design concept generation & selection
  • Product Value Optimization (reshape products and portfolios)
  • Creative direction

Communication Consulting

  • Coaching and training for actionable human centered storytelling
  • Support for advertising tactics and creative execution

Prototyping and Sampling

  • In-house digital model prototyping capabilities
  • In-house physical model prototyping capabilities (FDM, STL, SLS)
  • Tessellation and population (digital surface tessellation and population)
  • Material sample collection and organization

Low Impact Color, Material and Finish (LI-CMF)

  • Product color palette creation (HintLabs proprietary process)
  • Colour, material, finishing digital pre-visualization
  • Color measurement and cross media color matching (product>screen>paper)
  • Surface/Product color matching on paper support through a HintLabs proprietary process (97% fidelity index on most problematic metameric colors
  • Project specific supplier evaluation and appraisal (assessment is undertaken exclusively onsite by our team members)

Material and New Technologies R & D

  • Low impact Layer by Layer deposition augmented noble materials
  • Low impact mineral pigments coatings selection and/or creation
  • Database of “realistically” available recycled materials created from food, electrical, plastic, carbon fibre and textile waste.  

“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children”

– Indian Proverb

Sustainiability is our core value.

All our solutions propose experiences, services and products which are aimed to reduce environmental footprint and resource dependency, to minimize waste and to provide increased income to our clients.

We believe that increased prosperity and a shift from linear to circular economy is possible: we thrive to build it with our everyday work and effort.


The concept of sustainable manufacturing practices and materials has caused significant changes within the market over the past decade. Advances in technology have fostered a continuous evolution for materials in an effort to lighten the environmental footprint.

An essential part of our work is keeping up to date on the latest advancements in materials and the manufacturing processes, aiming to reduce a negative impact on this planet we call home.

HintLabs is a boutique consultancy specialized in proposing sustainable innovative design concepts and ideas to improve and innovate physical products which regroup aesthetic and functional attributes.

We operate in the high-end consumer durables industry and offer a collective intelligence model with a project-based team composed by the best industry segment specialists. 

Corrado Tibaldi, co-founder at HintLabs

We are here to stay.

We are no “hit and run” consultants: our measure of success

is a partnership to solve the future challenges of our clients.


We get our hands dirty. Always.

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Chemin de Roilbot 3C
1292 Chambesy

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