A colour, material and finish consultancy

We help our clients identify and anticipate trends, focusing on consumer goods and living environments


In a world where consumer groups are constantly evolving and mutating, HintLabs identifies stories and opportunities by accurately analysing lifestyle trends and industry innovation.


We focus on our client’s target audience and identify key differentiators to maximise brand exposure and recognition.


HintLabs suggests color, material and finishing which are an essential factor in the consumer experience and helps clients achieve customer loyalty in a competitive and comparative market.

We support our clients throughout the product design and branding process using the expertise of accomplished professionals in the industry

CMF Study & Strategy (Colour, Material & Finishing)


Colour Measurement & Standardisation

Vendor Sourcing & Liaising

Trend Intelligence

Through van-garde sources & key influencers: personas & mood boards creation

Visual Trends

Research, analysis and forecasting trends

Colour, material, finishing digital pre-visualization

Competitive analysis

Material and New Technologies R & D

Surface/Product Colour Matching on Paper Support

We do this through a HintLabs proprietary process: 97% fidelity index on most problematic (metameric) colours

Tessellation and Population

Aesthetic and functional digital surface tessellation and population
Complimentary Services
  • Creative and design direction
  • Strategic partnerships for industrial design and graphics
  • Physical product/surfaces prototyping (additive or subtractive digital process)
  • Components LCA (Life Cycle Analysis)
  • Product positioning

“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children”

– Indian Proverb

The concept of sustainable manufacturing practices and materials has caused significant changes within the market over the past decade. Advances in technology have fostered a continuous evolution for materials in an effort to lighten the environmental footprint.


At HintLabs, sustainability is part of our core values. All proposals to clients integrate sustainable solutions derived from the latest advancements in materials and the manufacturing process, aiming to reduce a negative impact on this planet we call home.

“CMF research and product development has been “our” passion for the last fifteen years. It is “our” privilege to collaborate with the best people in the industry, and this has created a perpetual professional bond. HintLabs offers this collective intelligence to solve the challenges of our clients throughout the CMF design process.”


Corrado Tibaldi, co-founder at HintLabs

How we differ from other CMF consultancies

CMF as a discipline should lead to innovation and differentiation and it cannot be achieved with a “one size fits all” approach. We establish a unique operating procedure with each of our clients: tailoring the process exactly to our client’s needs. This results in a more cost-effective and precise outcome.

Registered Office Headquarters
Chemin de Roilbot 3C
1292 Chambesy


Due to sensitive information exchange with the industry, at HintLabs we use the safest end-to-end encryption e-mail available on the market, with servers based EXCLUSIVELY in Switzerland and protected by strict Swiss privacy laws. Moreover our website, blog and file exchange servers are also based in Switzerland and protected by the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act (‘DPA’) and the Swiss Federal Data Protection Ordinance (‘DPO’). For your eyes only.

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